“Getting to Next Generation PON” – VIAVI tečaj (BESPLATNO!)

“Getting to Next Generation PON” – VIAVI tečaj (BESPLATNO!)

“Getting to Next Generation PON” – VIAVI tečaj (BESPLATNO!) 1417 1239 Marija Šalovarda

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Na besplatnom VIAVI tečaju:

Getting to Next Generation PON          ->             Prijave na linku :  https://bit.ly/2ZgHNDD

– What is driving the accelerated rollout of next-gen PON?
– What active equipment needs to be considered for existing and new PON operators?
– What does co-existing networks mean and how do you successfully manage these networks?
– What should be tested to guarantee high speed connection for demanding broadband services?

Passive optical networks (PONs) are increasingly viewed as crucial in the delivery of cost effective current and future broadband and 5G access networks. The massive deployment of PONs is driven by growing bandwidth demand, primarily fuelled by high-speed internet traffic and over the top applications. This evolution is driving a need for higher speed symmetrical transport services. Service Providers are accelerating their rollout of Next Generation xPON transport equipment such as XGS-PON and NG-PON2, to enable and support customer demands.

Join us as a panel of industry experts discuss key considerations when planning for network evolutions and the essential knowledge you will need to successfully make the move to next-gen PON.